Saturday, November 19, 2011

What do you do? and why?

Well, for me, some of you may not know I am a big sucker for animals. I think I probably learned this best about myself, through my two girls. Especially the first, who is now 20 and living on her own, when she decided she didn't want to couldn't be a veterinarian because she couldn't deal with the suffering of animals.
(This is Frankie the Frenchie, my newest addition who has severe allergies.)

So, through my kitchen and up the stairs to the upper half-floor (the technical term) of my 1924 California Bungalow is my fabric studio - the entire upstairs dedication - but downstairs is a home mostly dedicated to my love of dogs (and one little lop-eared Dwarf bunny who lives snuggle on the big front porch.

I garden (past-life degrees, but real), I feed and comfort, I make laugh, and try to encourage smiles and joy. I was not raised with this sort of life, but I feel so graced to have found it for myself, and nothing brings me more joy than to pay forward happiness to others.

I truly believe that creation - through crafting, art, laughter, joy - is one way I can really make my life worth living. We are social by nature, and by cultivating joy and positive imagery - mostly through visual aesthetics and submersing in things we like - makes for a better world. As superficial it may sound on the outside (if you will) it can truly cultivate something deeper and more meaningful. Just as one flame can start a forest fire, so can one idea or thought light the world with love - or at least reach thousands. Do not discount the power of an innocent child, or the power of a single image.

I would like to leave you with a heart-wrenching but beautiful video of this one small boy from inner-Mongolia. Although it may no doubt bring tears, I assure you that you will be left with real joy and inspiration. As always - all comments welcome. :) -Namaste.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Because… less is more.

Truly. I am absolutely in love with voile right now. Because these new fabrics from Denyse Schmidt are so luxurious. As a long-time maker of children's clothing as well as collector of vintage, I have long been wishing that voile was more accessible. Denyse Schmidt read my mind.
One thing I was pleasantly surprised at, though, was the versatility. I'm not just tootin' my own horn, but this cotton is so silky and airy, that it seems to lend itself well to curtains. It is really nice to have more of a choicer than either quilter's cotton or the heavier "home decor" fabrics that you find at your local fabric store; unless you are lucky enough to live in a larger city like Seattle, which I used to drive miles just to visit my fave place on Queen Anne: Nancy's Sewing Basket. (Still great for vintage and antique ribbons, though!)

So here's a little look for you - into my life. I am planning on hemming this stuff - I promise - as well as take you on a little excursion or two in creating some home projects and perhaps even an article of clothing or two. Not sure where I go next. Please feel free to leave comments/suggestions - I may even do a tutorial. ((pressure's on!))

Mrs. Aster Voile, Greenfield Hill, Denyse Schmidt

So, holding this up to my bathroom window, I could not even wait to hem the fabric… or wait for daylight to take a better picture. Here you see it is double, thick, and I cannot even begin to describe how nice this stuff is in person - if only you had feel-i-vision…

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Working Towards Winter

Mucho going on right now, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am working on knitting, or more appropriately, I have been finishing up the oodles of knitting projects I started (and almost finished) so that everyone can be warm this winter. It has been so friggin' cold lately that I virtually need no reminder. These are my in-between projects, since I am really (and finally) getting the house completely organized. I have to do this for a couple of reasons:

I will be working on putting together a portfolio, or rather a bunch of painting, since it seems I have a really good chance at showing at a couple of galleries up in the Skagit Valley. I have already spoken to the owner of one gallery, so I am pretty excited. But…. I need to have the house clean and organized so I can focus on my art and not be distracted by all the clutter (mental and physical) and let me mind wonder in a fun and creative manner.

Also, I am expecting a very exciting shipment of fabrics from Denyse Schmidt. She is one of my all-time favorite fabric designers and this new line of hers, Greenfield Hill, is pretty amazing. It really has a 1920s feel to the design and colors, and I love how she is always very crisp and heavy with graphics, not the usual sketchy twee stuff. Oh, and this line has plenty of stuff that can be used for little boys - FINALLY a line that is not all flowers and polka dots. Not only that, she has offered a great deal of voiles in this line, and I have pretty much ordered the entire line. I am so pleased that voile is becoming more available, since it is fabulous for curtains (especially if you want them to look like, um… curtains) and children's clothing, because it is so light and airy, and still make of 100% cotton. Oh, I am going to be in waaay over my head, but I have been forced into trying to make a living for myself and decided to jump in the deep end this time. And since a regular job is pretty much out of the question for me…. I really hope this works out. I know I would buy it. So here is a sneak-peek:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I took a little opportunity on my trip up to Whidbey Island, to stop and take a few photos. I was a beautiful day for a ride albeit a little too sunny for photos. I thought I would play with my Hipstamatic a little, though...
There is this darling old schoolhouse that I had been wanting to photograph for a while. I am glad they restored it, although I am not sure what it is now used for.

The Belltower.

Great lawn.
My Trumpy.
The Pumphouse - ?
Fruit Trees.
I am looking forward to many more sunny days of gardening and riding in the coming months. Today I bought a couple plants at the local garden/plant event, and was able to sew some Lupine seed, and water the vegetable garden; the Brussels Sprouts are looking awesome!